Newsletter - August 2015

Greetings, this is from the pen of the Secretary as President Paul is indisposed, so we wish him a speedy recovery.

Important notice:

Many members have forgotten to renew their subs. I have just mailed out reminders. If payment is not received by the end of the month we will consider you as a lapsed member and for tax purposes, we can no longer offer your exhibit for sale. Non-member’s works will be removed from the gallery at the end of August.

A word from Life Member Dennis Raines on the 21st Thames Library Exhibition 2015:

“58 Works by 6 members were exhibited at the Library from the 6th-24th July. Whilst only 3 paintings sold, a great deal of interest was shown by the public throughout the show. Sincere thanks to Pamela Yates and Peter Jensen for their help and assistance with the installation on Sat.4th July” D.R.

Sales have been slow with very few visitors so as volunteers have often taken off to warmer places and the winter lurgies have struck, we have decided to reduce the opening hours to 11am to 2pm until we return to the summer hours from the 1st. October. Those members, who are from out of town, please check that the gallery is open before you make the journey. We are down to the absolute minimum number of volunteers to have a viable operation and about 20% are non-members or non-exhibitors. Please reconsider your availability for attending to the desk at the gallery particularly if your exhibits sell well. You can combine it with shopping or business visits. Your Society Needs YOU! Present listed volunteers and those wanting to consider volunteering are invited for a chat over tea & bikkies at 2.30pm Monday 17th July so that we can improve the experience and all work from the “same page”.

The potters who attended the recent sculptural workshop by Kay Ogilvy are having a display from the 21st August in the Edward Gallery which will be something to look forward to. Items will be for sale and so far their only problem has been the high winter humidity which is making it difficult to dry the clay before firing.

Our volunteers have realized that we do not have any strong small boxes for shipping overseas. If your exhibit is small and likely to be purchased and shipped please provide us with a couple of boxes.

When you make an item as a garden decoration be aware that gardens are for children too, so make sure there are no sharp points that could catch an eye.

We have been approached to do art valuations and as it is you the artist that sets the price, we, as an organization have no idea whatsoever of value. It is not something we do.

The acceptances for the Thames ARTbeat Exhibition of Invited Artists have been excellent and as part of this festival of art we are going to offer a one day market.


The Art Market will be on Saturday 5th Dec. from 9am till 4pm and restricted to items of less than $100. Set-up from 7.30am.

The idea is to clean out your cupboard and have a bit of fun. It is all indoors at the Music and Drama so not weather-influenced. Fees are $20 per space of 1.8m x 2m and no commission required to be paid. You will handle your own sales but will be charged a 5% fee if you use the TSA EFTPOS facility. Places are limited so secure your space by payment of the fee.

Hope you are working hard, exhibits for the Members Summer Exhibition need to be at the Gallery by 4pm the 10th December. That’s our big selling season.

ARTbeat Exhibition of Invited Artists 2015

  • Clear Gallery of all exhibits no later than Tuesday 17th November
  • Receive exhibits from Monday 16th November to Tuesday 17th November from 10am to 4pm deadline.
  • Official Grand Opening Friday 20th November at 6pm At the Gallery
  • Exhibition Closes Sunday 6thDecember at 4pm collection on Monday 7thDecember from 10am-4pm.

ART FAIR and Sale of “All under $100”
Sunday 6th December from 9am-4pm

Receive exhibits from 10am Monday 7th December to Wednesday 9th December to Midday deadline.

Opening at 6pm Friday 11th December

A gentle reminder… have you paid your fees yet? Memberships expire at the end of August and non-financial members lose the right to exhibit.

From the team of the Thames Society of Arts