Minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Thames Society of Arts was held at 2pm on Sunday 26th April 2015 at Old North School, 604 Tararu Road, Thames, Coromandel, New Zealand.

Present: Jan McIvor, Stuart Angus, Virginia Angus, Helen Stuart, Andi Walker, Jeanne-Marie Cantereau, Peter Feran, Phillipa Christie, Dianne Connors, Gael Thomas, George Austin, Anne Oliver, Robyn Whiteman, Colleen Paton, Kathy Heffernan, Paul Heffernan, Jim Neilson, Pam Plummer, Ray Newman, Barby Barclay, Gwenyth Wright, and Colin Broadley.

Apologies: Marianne Braithwaite, Anne Boyle, Dan Arbuckle, Kathryn Russell, Donna Hansby, Sandra Goudie, and Craig Cassidy from the Thames-Coromandel District Council Community Board.

Presentation and approval of minutes from 2014 AGM:
Peter Feran moved that the minutes for 2014 be accepted, seconded Paul Heffernan, approved by all.

Confirm the Election of Scott Simpson as patron:
Peter Feran moved that Scott Simpson be Patron of the TSA , seconded Barby Barclay approved unanimously.

President's Report

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to come to this meeting.

The past year has been exciting, but one where a lot of tough decisions have been made. To upgrade the Gallery both in appearance and quality of work, we have lost a few members whose work did not qualify for exhibition. Some of these people really were looking to us as an outlet to sell their work. We can understand them leaving us, and wish them well.

The other side of this decision is, that we have gained a lot of new member/exhibitors who are so impressed with the new look of our Gallery, they have joined and in some cases, re-joined us.

The remarks in the visitor’s book make extremely good reading. Have a look sometime.

The donations in the Donation Box back up these remarks. They are generous, and very pleasing to our Treasurer. We have even had a $50 note.

Some of our achievements so far:

We have new blinds installed. We have new shelves in The Edward Gallery. We have new tables for the Wednesday painting group. We have painted the interior. We have spent a not inconsiderable amount on advertising trying to extend our visitor base Banners have been brought to fit the new handrails provided by council All achieved through the hard work of a few over the last 18 months. Slowly we are seeing the results.

We are working towards getting more space for Tutorials, yes still. The Council is working with us toward this end.

People who have come on board with us are Scott Simpson as our Patron, and Barry Brickell as an Honorary member, for his work not only with the arts, but conservation on the Peninsula, and, of course, Tourism.

There are a few members who have gone the extra mile for the society.

  • Barby Barclay has for some time, been the organiser of our volunteer system to keep the Gallery open 7 days a week. Thanks from us all Barby.

We also most sincerely thank the volunteers, without them we couldn't keep the Society going.

  • Anne Oliver, who does the banking twice weekly.
  • Helen Stuart, and Katherine Russell, who organised our summer Fair.
  • Colin Broadley for his work in getting the Underfoot gallery up and running.
  • Peter Feran for his manual labour on our behalf.
  • Skotty Neilson for his work as our treasurer.
  • Last but not least the Gallery Hanging committee and Curator, Jeanne-Marie Cantereau.

I am stepping aside as president.. A Society like this will always benefit from new blood, and fresh ideas. Thank you all for your support, especially the committee I’ve worked with. You have been fun, and a real team.

Phillipa Christie,

Treasurer's Report

For the year ended 28 February 2015
(Figures have been rounded up by the Treasurer)

Sources of INCOME:
Commission (25% of Gallery Sales)   $13,500
Subscriptions (@ $40 and $50)   $4,000
Donations (incl. Class, Fair & Workshop fees )   $4,200

Categories of EXPENDITURE:
Property: Heating, Lighting, Cleaning, Rent, Water, Management Levy, Insurance   $6,600
Office: Stationery, Telephone, Eftpos, Postage, Accountant   $5,700
Other: Website, Computer Software, Data Input, Tables, Flags, Signs, Banners, Blinds, Magazine ads   $5,000
Surplus of Income over Expenditure   $4,400

Further comments by the Treasurer:

  • During the year, Gallery sales increased by 75% over the previous year.
  • The Accumulated Surplus has now increased to $36,000, thereby reversing the losses of previous years.
  • During the past year the breakdown of Gallery sales was as follows: Wood - 10%, Pottery - 20%, Felt - 30% and Paintings 40%.
  • The Treasurer concluded by saying that in the light of the above results he has no reason to propose changes to the Commission rates or to the Membership fees.
  J.G. Neilson - 26.04.2015

Skotty moved that Chartered Accountant, Peter Barker continue servicing the Society; Phillipa seconded and all were in favour.

General Business

Changes are required to the Society’s Constitution.

Rule 18 Auditor: states that the Auditor shall be elected at the AGM and that the Auditor shall annually examine the Treasurer’s Accounts and Balance sheet and certify if the same be correct or as may be found.

Peter Feran moved the following amendment

Rule 18 Financial Statements: A Chartered Accountant shall be elected at the AGM who will annually examine the accounts and balance sheet and report to the satisfaction of the members and committee.

Seconded by Phillipa Christie and a show of hands showed approval by the members. Accepted.

Rule 3 Types of membership: It is proposed that allowance be made for new members where Application for Membership is after the 1st of November then half fees shall apply.

Peter Feran moved that the Constitution be amended as follows:

Proposed Rule 3 e. While Annual, fees are payable on the 1st May Annually then any new member joining after the 1st November shall pay half fees.

Seconded Stuart Angus. Some discussion on what defined a new member as different to a previous member re-joining but the consensus was that the use of “NEW” was adequate. A show of hands showed approval by the members with no dissension.

Election of Officers and Committee

As there were no additional new officers or committee nominations other than the present committee the committee has agreed to continue for another term with Phillipa stepping down as President and Paul Heffernan assuming the role as President.

The Committee is as follows:

President and Assistant Curator: Paul Heffernan (07) 868 8155
Treasurer and Chief Curator: Jim Neilson (07) 868 3134
Secretary: Peter Feran (07) 868 7066
Committee: Phillipa Christie (07) 868 3544; Jeanne-Marie Cantereau, Assistant Curator (07) 868 7066; Anne Boyle, Volunteer Co-Ordinator (07) 868 4508.

Peter Feran
Secretary, Thames Society of Arts